• 1) All deposits are non-refundable after cancellation period.

    ALL RESERVATION BOOKED LESS THAN 72 HOURS BEFORE THE PICKUP CAN BE CANCELLED WITH 2 HOURS FROM THE TIME OF THE BOOKING WITHOUT ANY CHARGES. For all other reservations, cancellations must be made in writing by sending an email to reservation@5starslimo.com. Cancellations can be made at least 72 Hours before pickup time by sending an email to reservation@5starslimo.com. A full fare, including a 20% gratuity, will be billed if a cancellation occurs less than 72 Hours before the scheduled pick up time. A full fare, including a 20% gratuity, will be billed if the passenger fails to be at the designated pickup location (No-show). If for any reason, you could not locate the chauffeur, call the dispatcher at 1-877-435-5466 to avoid being billed as a no-show. Do not leave your location without communicating with our dispatcher. 5 STARS Limousine Connection, Inc is not responsible for service delayed or not rendered due to Mother Nature or circumstances beyond our control. 5 STARS Limousine Connection, Inc does not guarantee vehicle availability or price for reservation changes.

    3) The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. A fee of $500.00 for each carpet or seat burn. Sanitation fee is a minimum of $500.00.

    4) Alcohol Consumption by minors and drug use is prohibited by law. No drugs or alcohol or Smoking on Prom Night is strictly enforced. It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof; the sunroof and will be closed and lock at all time and, the solid divider and glass divider will be open throughout the duration of the service. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of the service without refund, or the violator(s) if identified, will be immediately removed from the vehicle, without refund. The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s)).

    5) Overtime pay will apply after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time described on the reservation.

    6) 5-Stars Connection, Inc shall not be held liable or responsible for delays or the termination caused by unsafe road conditions (ie. Road not salted, unexpected traffic delays due to accidents, fire, earthquake, or any other natural disaster).

    7) We will NOT be responsible for any articles left in the limousine, I understand 5STARS will bill my credit card for the cost of shipping my items back to me.

    8) Balances to be paid to the driver on the run date before the beginning of the run.

    9) Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.

    10) I understand that toll charges and any other local charges will be added to the final bill when applicable.

    11) I understand that Inside pickup (Meet & Greet) is subject to additional $20.00 for domestic flight and $30 for an international flight.